Salsamania "contagioso"
Salsamania "contagioso"

The CD of Salsamanía

a pearl...

Our CD "contagioso" ("contagious")has been recorded in 2003/2004  after intensive and hard work, many nights without sleeping  and a lot of nerve-wracking hours, days, weeks. The 8 compositions are all original compositions - their fresh arrangements are convincing and demonstrate the actual and typical sound of the band.

International recognized musicians (such as Yaqueline Castellanos, vocals, Mario "El Indio" Hernandez, Trumpet, Cuba)contribute with their special timbre and leave their own "trade mark" in the high level songs.



"This album is a treasure for all Latin Fans! The int. Orchestra Salsamanía serves Salsa, Cha Cha, Latin Jazz and Rumba/Guaguancó. Vivid singing parts are alternating with beautiful instrumental parts. The musical base, lively piano playing, transparent percussion and bass is spiced with tricky brass lines and many coro parts. Each note is where it has to be. (....)A real fiery and contagious album. Respect, keep going on!"

("Melodiva", Oct. 2004)


"Un album con muy buena onda y un ritmo fabuloso"
("A wonderful album with fabulous rhythm")

("Ecos", May 2004) 


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