Eva Tilly

About the bandleader
Eva Tilly
Eva Tilly

  • Eva Tilly, born  in Ann Arbor (USA), grown up in Münster, Germany
  • After finishing her studies of music at the conservatory of Würzburg (classical and Jazzpiano) in 1990 and after trips to Latin America and the Caribbean (Brazil and Puerto Rico)
  • to improve her knowledge about Latin music, she founded the Salsa-Orchestra „Salsamania“ in 1993.
  • Besides playing also with many other Latin- and Jazzbands and getting more experience with that kind of music she is teaching piano and Improvisation in a music-school since 1990.
  • Salsamania has been playing in many wellknown Jazzfestivals all over Germany, also at the legendary Montreux Jazzfestival (Switzerland) in 2002 , in Austria, City-Events, clubs, theatres and private Events.
  • In 2003 the band has been invited to play a tour in Jordania.
  • Since 2008 Eva is also part of the Latin band “Habana Sublime”, that has been invited, besides many other performances all over Germany, to play a concert in Luxemburg in 2010.
  • Since 2009 she is a member of  the Jazzproject “Jörg Heß Trio” and the Jazzquartet
  • “Four for One” that recently started working.